Bragg Comprehensive Cancer Centre

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Ensuring cancer patients get the most advanced, personalised and research-informed care

The Bragg Comprehensive Cancer Centre (BCCC) will bring together South Australia’s leading cancer researchers, clinicians, patients, carers and technology as well as combining the best education, prevention programs, treatment, and long-term care in one centralised service. BCCC will change the lives of people living with cancer.

The BCCC will:
  • Fast-track the translation of discovery research being done in South Australia through locally run clinics and clinical trials, ensuring the State’s growing cancer research output is brought to bear on the care and treatment of cancer patients in SA.
  • Be deeply integrated with the national cancer research effort and through this create a local capacity to draw on discoveries made, and on clinical trials being run, in other jurisdictions.
  • Improve equity of access to better diagnosis and treatment across regional and diverse populations.
  • Improve the workforce resources we have available to provide cancer care, including better primary care training for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Develop and promulgate evidence-informed cancer prevention programs for South Australians.
  • Define, deploy and measure quality metrics to ensure the most effective, safest, efficient and financially responsible cancer care delivery.

The BCCC is currently in the establishment and planning phase.  In May 2022, the BCCC obtained a Federal Government funding commitment of $77 million.

To find out more please visit the BCCC website.