Projects are the major focus for AHIP and by bringing the AHIP members together, we can tackle projects that are not able to be achieved by AHIP’s member organisations alone.

Our projects vary in sizes but the common factor in all our projects is that they improve the current systems and models in place to deliver better research, education and healthcare for the benefit of the community.

AHIP will be responsible for identifying projects that align with its vision and strategy and for ‘getting them off the ground’.

There are currently five main AHIP projects
  • Bragg Comprehensive Cancer Centre (BCCC) will provide research-driven, consumer-informed cancer research, education and patient care so that South Australians receive the most advanced world-class care.


  • Centre of Excellence for Aboriginal Health (Purruna Trruku) will respond to community demand for access to evidence-based therapies and provide culturally appropriate healthcare to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community.


  • Shared research services is a single point of entry for researchers and industry, streamline processes and fast track approvals to support researchers to start and manage projects more efficiently.


  • Artificial Intelligence & Data is an initiative to remove barriers to data access so that it can be used to inform artificial intelligence (AI) projects and support better data-driven clinical decision making.


  • Clinician PhD Pathway (CPP) is a structured and supported career development program that has been developed for doctors wanting to pursue a career as a clinical researcher.