CALHN (Central Adelaide Local Health Network) is shaping the future of health in South Australia, through world-class care and world-class research.

CALHN is the largest health network in South Australia and provides community health services within the central and north-western Adelaide catchment which makes up 26% of South Australia’s population.

The network is committed to being among the top hospitals both nationally and internationally, with its services recognised in the world’s best hospital rankings since 2019.

Sites and services

CALHN includes South’s Australia’s major quaternary facility, the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre and the Repat Health Precinct. Mental health and primary health care services are also delivered at Glenside.

Statewide clinical services include BreastScreen SA, SA Pathology, SA Medical Imaging and SA Pharmacy and CALHN’s community health services include SA Dental (including School Dental Services), SA Prison Health and Donate Life SA.

World-class research

Investing in world-class research supports the CALHN’s strategic ambition to deliver world-class care to the community.

Learn about the network’s research focus, which aims to deliver new ways of tackling the growing burden of chronic disease and improving patient care.

Research partnerships allow CALHN to share, learn and collaborate across clinical, education and research areas as it moves to become a leading academic health sciences network.

Discover the latest innovations and treatments from CALHN’s leading researchers and international collaborations.

CALHN’s community

CALHN supports the health and wellbeing of the South Australian community through its world-leading sites and specialised community and clinical health services.

The network’s highly specialised capabilities also provide world-class care for people from rural and remote regions, as well as interstate and overseas.

CALHN employs more than 15,000 staff and benefits from the support of around 400 volunteers.

Explore the CALHN community snapshot and learn more about the network’s diverse community and their healthcare needs.