Aboriginal knowledge informing new practice in our healthcare system

Per the mission statement ‘Aboriginal Knowledge informing New Practice’, the Centre of Excellence for Aboriginal Health (Purruna Trruku) aims to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people in SA through targeted collaborative projects.

The overall aim of Purruna Trruku is to improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community by listening to their needs and providing a culture of zero racism in all healthcare settings.

Purruna Trruku will support the wider healthcare system by providing timely and effective healthcare, including earlier detection, educating the workforce, updating policies and providing culturally safe, appropriate treatment to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Statistics show that 61% of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths for the period 2014-2018 could have been prevented through appropriate treatment. Barriers such as unaffordability, physical distance, language barriers, trust and long waiting times has resulted in 30% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who require a health service do not access the service available. Appropriate, timely treatment would also see a reduction in hospitalisations and the burden of chronic disease while promoting an increase in the overall Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing.

Purruna Trruku will:

  • Collaborate to ensure Aboriginal health outcomes are improved by translating and embedding research and education into practice.
  • Grow and strengthen the Aboriginal workforce to improve research-driven clinical care.
  • Support Aboriginal researchers, clinicians and participants to undertake world-class research to achieve improved health outcomes for the Aboriginal community in SA.
  • Identify and support our member organisations to develop and implement culturally appropriate and responsive policy.
  • Work with our member organisations to use and translate evidence into practice and research.

This will be the first Centre of Excellence of its type in Australia.  The long-term vision is for Purruna Trruku to be recognised as an international leading Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Health.