Shared Research Services


A research collaboration to streamline processes and provide a better quality service

A collaborative research support model is the foundation to grow the volume of research and clinical trials across the AHIP members. A collaborative approach will help provide a high-quality service, based on the needs of those who access it.

We will leverage the strengths and expertise across the University of Adelaide, SAHMRI and CALHN through consistent processes, removing unnecessary duplication and improving efficiency of key tasks.

The AHIP Research Working Group will identify key areas for collaboration and implement key projects to bring the three services closer together to align with the AHIP strategic priority to ‘streamline processes to support researchers and clinicians to focus on better research and world-class health outcomes’.

Areas in scope for collaboration include:

  • Shared processes for supporting researchers from pre-submission to completion
  • Clear interaction points for researchers and industry across the three services
  • Providing greater visibility of research conducted and grant opportunities across the members
  • Growing the skills of our researchers to plan and manage research applications and research efficiently
  • Streamlining systems and reporting processes
  • Shared key performance indicators and turnaround times.