Clinical Trials

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Putting South Australia at the forefront of clinical trials excellence

Clinical Trials are an essential tool for advancing medical knowledge, patient care and generating evidence that enables us to prevent, detect, diagnose and treat diseases.

While there are demonstrated pockets of excellence across South Australia there is untapped capability for South Australia to be at the forefront of clinical trials excellence.

Through our Clinical Trials Platform, the AHIP members bring together our state’s leading performers in health and medical research who all share the same goal of removing barriers and improving opportunities to increase the volume and quality of clinical trials.

The Clinical Trials Platform will provide a shared hub of skills, resources and new technologies that can be utilised across the members organisations to build clinical trials skills and capacity for our researchers and research workforce. The project brings an opportunity to implement a culture of clinical trials excellence. Through this innovation, it will also offer South Australians with access to more advanced treatments and trials.